398 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood 4001
Tel: 031 205 0217

The Glenwood bakery is a product of the ‘bread revolution’ that has spread across the States, Britain, Australia and the Western Cape. Most of Europe didn’t need it.

There is of course no such thing as a revolution but a reference back to the time when every village had their own local bakery and baker.

A reference to a time before industrially manufactured food was centrally produced resulting in a homogenous product that appealed only to the lowest common denominators of affordability, convenience and tastelessness.

The breads we produce are all hand formed, slow fermented & baked in a hearth oven.

The result is breads that taste of something and satisfy. The satisfaction we are aiming for is that of complex aromas and long flavours. There are undoubtedly health benefits to such breads and these will be discussed over time in our blog. Our emphasis, though, is on flavour.

The flour comes from three different sources, all stone ground and unbleached (other than through the unhurried and necessary process of time): a mill in the Swartberg producing Eureka flour, a mill more locally based near Winterton producing Highland flour and from an organic farmer who mills his own grain near Ficksberg.

The flour is available in our shop, as are jars of our sourdough mother culture, which is used in nearly all our breads. The salt is from the Karoo and the water from Durban municipality

The heart of the Glenwood Bakery is our artisanal breads. But there is also coffee. This is compulsory as those who rise before 3.30 am are addicted to that noble berry. Our coffee comes from the various excellent roasteries in The Glenwood area. There are daily changing sandwiches available and freshly squeezed orange juice. There is free WiFi so that our customers don’t have to talk to each other or to me.

Adam Robinson, the hands behind the bakery, has been a chef in France, London and, latterly, the KZN Midlands. He has had successful and critically acclaimed restaurants in London since 1991 and they have all produced their own bread since 1994. His restaurant in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands – The Corner Post – became known for its breads and started supplying other shops, restaurants and many retail customers. He has now decided to move to Durban and concentrate on his breads.

A few things that were written about Robinson in his incarnation as a restaurateur and chef :–

  • “Adam Robinson is one of the defining spirits of his age, a leading player who has shaped the gastronomy of the nineties”.
    Kit Chapman, Great British Chefs
  • “Probably the best local restaurant in London is The Brackenbury in which Adam Robinson cooks some of the most direct and best-value food in the capital”.
    The Observer
  • “The hit of the trip was the five course luncheon created by Adam Robinson at his rambling old reborn gourmet pub in Howick, Corner Post Bar & Dining Room. It was my second experience of Adam’s work, a distinguished chef who learned his art from the beginning of the gourmet-pub boom in London”.
    Derek Taylor, Sunday Tribune
  • “One of the most engaging exponents of modern British cookery”.
    The New York Times

Be warned. Do not believe everything you read!