On a daily basis we produce 6 different breads, parmesan grissini, croissants bagels, lavash, pain au raisin and pain au chocolat. See our ‘Daily baking schedule’ below. We also produce 10 different ‘breads of the day’ over the whole week. Please see our ‘Breads of the Day’ below. We also have a rotating daily special, which will include onion and bay bread, lemon and barley bread, 100% rye sourdough bread and focaccias


A classic wet doughed Italian ciabatta made with stoneground bread flour, salt, water and yeast. What distinguishes our ciabatta is its long, slow, cold fermentation and complete lack of any kneading process. This helps the dough develop, enhancing and protecting the flavour and preserving the nutrients.

It keeps well for 48 hours and freezes brilliantly. We usually make ciabatta rolls for our sandwiches and you are of course welcome to buy some rolls for yourselves.


In the old French tradition these are made with a 24 hour ‘pre-ferment’. They are long, crispy, light crumbed baguettes and have little in common with the ‘French sticks’ of current supermarket fame.

Best eaten on the day of purchase, as they stale rapidly due to the large surface area.

Potato and rosemary

Made with 30% mashed potato, whey, studded with rosemary and sprinkled with poppy seeds. A bread from Ireland developed when wheat was expensive and potato was substituted in its place.

One of our few breads that veers from the taste of the grain, but very popular. The potato and dairy produce give it a comfortingly sweet flavour and yielding texture.

A bread to succour depressed spirits. Makes fantastic toast.

Rye and seed sourdough

This is 40% rye and a long sourdough fermentation. Less acidic than many sourdoughs, I keep my mother culture fresh and sweet. All jargon, I know, but if you are interested, go to Adam’s sourdough articles in the Blogly Musings section of this website, for more detail and info. We also have excellent literature in the bakery about these matters.

Open textured and not heavy as we are lead to expect all types of rye to be. Lasts well – at least three days. I think it better and definitely more interesting after the first day.

Wholemeal sourdough

At least a two day fermentation to help develop the strength in this bran laden flour.

It is 100% sourdough and based around some of the best bread that I have eaten (in France, of course).

Similarly to the rye, it develops in flavour in the 24 hours after baking


A classic Italian recipe of crisp bread sticks flavoured with smoked paprika and parmesan.

My youngest daughter’s favourite snack; I promise that one is never enough.

Sold in 80g bundles.

Estimated Daily Baking Schedule

  • 06:00am: Croissants, pains au chocolat, pains au raisin, 40% rye and wholemeal sourdoughs
  • 07:00 am: Bagels
  • 07.30 am: Ciabattas
  • 09.00 am: Baguettes
  • 09.30 am: Bâtard
  • 10.30 am: Potato and Rosemary loaves
  • Bread of the day: Baking times vary from day to day, so please phone for estimated times

This baking schedule is a rough guide as to when we aim to have specific loaves out of the ovens. It is not a guarantee that you will get some if you are there at these times. Our breads often sell out within half an hour and sometimes they do not come out at exactly the time stipulated. Please reserve breads if your needs are specific.

How to reserve breads:

    Unfortunately, we are unable to take telephonic reservations for bread. This is due to frequent non-collection. But you are able to go into the shop and order and pay for bread for a specific time in the future - ranging from later on the same day or weeks in advance. Then we shall wrap-up your bread when it comes out of the oven and keep it for you until the shop closes, on the day you wanted it.

    Breads Of the Day

    • Monday: English milk bread
    • Tuesday: onion & bay
    • Wednesday: 100% organic rye & walnut and raisin sourdough
    • Thursday: rice, saffron & milk & roasted barley black bread
    • Friday: Corn sourdough and challah
    • Saturday: focaccia & organic pain de campagne
    • Sunday: oat porridge sourdough