You can have coffee & freshly squeezed orange juice. Our coffees we source from the various excellent coffee roasters in the Glenwood area. Our teas are loose leafed and from Colombo. During the week breakfast is toast, of course, Viennoisserie and ‘The Egg’ (a poached egg with roasted tomatoes and coppa ham on a slice of ciabatta toast.

On Saturdays and Sundays we serve Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale for breakfast. We also have other dishes available. These might include things such as buckwheat blinis or frittatas. It will depend on the whim of the chef.


During the week, between 10 am and 3 pm, you can have sandwiches and on Fridays hamburgers. The sandwiches are listed on our blackboard, include at least one vegetarian sandwich and use a variety of our breads.

Think local parma ham, butter lettuce, aioli and cherry tomato on ciabatta rolls. Or midlands goats cheese, rocket and roast tomato in half a baguette, or cold roast chicken and hummus on organic pain de campagne. Hard cheese with rye, bacon with Irish potato bread.

Ice Creams

We make ice cream. The flavours range from salted caramel, chocolate malt, ginger , vanilla to grapefruit sorbet. We change our flavours according to the whim of the baker or according to more sensible criteria like the availability of ingredients. Please ask our staff about available flavours.

The shelf life will be limited as there are no stabilisers or preservatives. Flavours I like to make include vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate malt and mint ice creams or pink grapefruit, mango and banana sorbets. They are available for your home in small containers.

It may seem incongruous to offer ice creams but it is just because we like them. Please forgive the eccentricity.

Evenings at The Bakery

On Monday and Tuesday nights we are open for pizzas, Bakery burgers and maybe middle eastern flatbreads with slow cooked lamb or spinach and ricotta rotollo. The pizza bases, the flatbreads and the pastas are, of course made by us. As with everything at the bakery, the rules are complicated, the atmosphere rich and the menu simple. You bring your own fortification and we charge no corkage

Please check our Facebook page for updates about menu changes and additions to our calender.